Going to see Lucy tonight..
Seeing a lot of mixed reviews
Hearing about all the racism has me a little skeptical about seeing the movie..but I guess I’ll see.
Also one thing that is annoying is how people are hating on the movie because of the “10% of your brain” myth and how they don’t like the movie because it’s based on “bad science” it’s a scifi…it’s obviously not based on facts people. That’s like saying you can’t watch Avatar because the navi aren’t real…



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People rarely get gray anymore


It’s Moonday !

I am so happy to see so many people who are standing up for Teen wolf and the cast in general. 

I think the black out idea is completely childish and if anything you would only be hurting the people who actually love and appreciate the show in a whole.

Many people are boycotting the show because of ships that aren’t being fulfilled and some feel they are not appreciated and are disrespected by the cast and crew..

I don’t see it that way..though, that is my opinion and i do have my own ships and yeah i would love to see them become canon but this isn’t my show i didn’t create it. I do believe that when everyone is working on the show they do take into consideration what the fans have to say. I feel like teen wolf is very involved with their fans. But, they also aren’t going to create a show solely based on what the fans want…this was their creation their ideas and yes we made them possible but it would be selfish for any of us to expect them to make the show how we wanted it to be and not how they dreamed it to have been made in the first place.  With out us there the show would be canceled but with out the cast and crew we wouldn’t have this amazing show.

If anyone has become unsatisfied with the show and feel that it isn’t what it used to be and doesn’t feel like they want to continue that is completely understandable. Everyone likes different things but to go around and try to persuade others to not watch the show as a way to get back at the cast and crew because you feel like it isn’t going your way is completely selfish and childish. It is just hurting others because you want to throw a temper tantrum.

Those that are truly in this fandom and respect the cast/crew and all the aspects of the show wouldn’t be participating in such nonsense.